Open Up

by For The Byrds

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released February 12, 2016

All songs written and performed by For The Byrds
Recorded at Mabby Road Studios by Johnny B
Mixed by Milk Mustache Recordings
Logan: guitar, vocals.
Colby: drums, cactus vocals
Alex: bass, vocals
Jacob: guitar, vocals, noise, ffffuzz



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For The Byrds Charlotte, North Carolina

a band-inactive

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Track Name: Mashings
Watch the words
They spit out
Scrambled scissors
Cut off their mouths
Sooth your burn
With the spice
Water soaks up
All the rice

Shoot to wound
Blanket the pain
Lost labors
Always go in vain


I'm not needed
But so are you
Blood was bleeded
But not for you
Slip and fall
I'll do it too
I'm sorry
For you

Blame me I'm the, blame me I'm the
Track Name: Real Ramen
The silver linings tarnished
The brightest stars are darkest
The days are none
Don't chase the sun

He's just like fear on two legs
He's coming 'round from the edge

Ask yourself
Is it nature?
A fleeting shimmer

Jump the curb
Walk the line
Bide your time

Too late to fall in line at all
Escape, rely, don't let it slide

The allegations step in
Illuminate and hasten
The silent cheer
Cause he's not here
Track Name: Still Here
I don't know exactly what's expected of me
I don't know just who you want me to be
I know it's about time for me to leave
From what I can see

From what I
From what I
What I can see

An honest smile is just temporary

You say
Everything could be simple if I just let it be
From what you can see
Now let's think what this means
It'd be worse than your dreams
You'd belong to the world
And succumb to their whims
Now it rolls on the hills
Searching for your defeat

Now it bites at their heels
There'll be none left behind
And it's calling your name
But you're not without fault

This is what I'm afraid
You'll underestimate
Sometimes it can't be helped
When you're under their spell
Track Name: Jam Jam
Most things can be fixed without you, I guess you thought that I was wrong

What's taking so long, I just want my coffee black
You said you loved my selfish cigarettes
You hate me more and now you want me less
You're cold to me, why wouldn't you be?

Pull the cord, I want my hardline to go flat
You took all my heartstrings, I won't get those back
My heart murmur is so loud you swear I should burst
Track Name: Goodbye
When it's half past twelve and you're in hell and the end ain't in your sights
Just take a hit from my bleeding lips and you'll be alright

Don't assume it's compassion in my eyes while you're dancing on your razor blades to pass away the time
And all your best friends are just bandits in disguise and you're praying to God that you haven't hit your prime

Now it's well past twelve and I'm in hell and there's no skin left to bite
So just take the hit for my bleeding lips and I'll be alright

Well the days all blend together when you're having a ball and you can't but to wonder if you're feeling at all
And every promise that you made before doesn't quite seem to mean something anymore

Hit my bleeding lips again and I'll be alright
You'll be alright
We'll be alright
Track Name: What We'd Call Corruption
Well what happens when you wake up with fever?
There's more to be had than this desire
Yes it's natural, yes it's physical
But it will end in nothing had

Run for the coast
It's what we'd call
Your corruption
Track Name: Our Damages
Take your pen and ink and color me in
I'll erase my sketches and my thoughts
You decide what happens in the end
Distort my form until I'm not

These are the tears that we expect
All the feelings will redirect
To a place that we'll forget
with everything but our damages

And you mean nothing to me
And absolutely everything
And there's not one thing I'd forget
Except all of our damages
Track Name: Love Is Y-
I've spent so much time searching for meaning
And sometimes I've thought maybe I'm just dreaming
You keep me up all night with your screaming

Don't get upset love, you know it's just because none of us are dumb enough to care about your problems

But you make me feel like I have a purpose
Like everything I ever did was worth it
Like no matter how bad I am, I'm perfect

Don't be upset love, you know I can't bear your crying anymore cause darling I'm about to break
Track Name: eah
Always and Forever
Always and Forever