Bad Cigarettes

by For The Byrds

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This album was written and recorded in about a week's worth of time at Jacob Taylor's "haunted" house. The record is from the perspective of the house.


released August 4, 2015

All songs written by For The Byrds
Recorded by jacob taylor
jacob taylor: vocals, guitar on tracks 2, 4, & 6. bass on 3. drums on 1, 3, & 5. synth on 5.
logan barnette: guitar on 1 & 5, bass on 2, synth on 3, piano on 4
colby shumate drums on track 2
alex small: bass on track 1



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For The Byrds Charlotte, North Carolina

a band-inactive

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Track Name: The House
Not much praying left to do
No more God to run to
I'll see fit you die alone
I'm not just your fucking home

When you're not home I'm still here

It's not a roof you're living under
I'm a living hell and I'm sure you wonder
Why you wake up with echoes of screaming still ringing in your ears
Track Name: Nocturnal
I'm always here
Nothing you do moves me
An eternal resting place
Somewhere no one wants to die

Don't Sleep

You won't woke wake up
You won't need to
Nothing stops me
Someone won't save you
Track Name: Claustrophobia
At night when it's darker than the back of your eyelids
That's when I can see the most clear baby
I'm always watching I'm always right here

Don't worry my walls are here to make sure you don't feel safe and secure

I haven't the faintest idea why you stay
But I hope on everything that you never go away
You're my favorite toothache, my restless passenger
Our favorite time together is the witching hour
You won't breathe

Blood red
Covered walls
The silence is dead
But I'll be right outside in the hall

You won't breathe
Track Name: Saudade
Hey there
I cant seem to remember who you are
But I know, there was a time before
When we shared something

There was a warmth in the air
A house without much flair
But it was perfect for you and me

And now
All the days are through
You made do

Now all the days are through
I'm coming back to you
The house now has a dark hue
And somehow
You made do
Track Name: The Worst Part
Tell me all of where you've been
Why do you leave for so long
I'll trace back to where we left
It can be like you never even took off